Photography is one of my passions. At the moment this passion is mainly focused on the City that never sleeps. NewYorkCity might surely be a bigger topic for many photographers than other towns. Even so it is not a less interesting motive to me. There is no other place one meets such an atmosphere as well as the longing for making pictures. Since my first visit there in the year 2000 I keep going to make short trips to New York on the hunt for the perfect picture. I am favouring is the panorama high size format, which is actually very suitable for motives like New York to give the viewer a better understanding of the fascination of the place. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Please feel also free to do so if you are interested in one of my pictures. I hope you enjoy your visit. Thank you. Have a nice time.

Mario Hartmann

Born 1972 in Aschaffenburg / Germany.